Leeward Kennels
Purveyors of fine German Shorthaired Pointers
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About Us

We have been involved with German Shorthairs since 1996.  The intervening years have seen us become increasingly immersed in the history, genetics, and training of this remarkable breed.

Kirk is a full time professional dog trainer with a flourishing training business, Dog Years Training and Boarding Center, in Shelby, North Carolina.  (
dogyearsllc.net)  For 15 years, we have been active members of the North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club, and Kirk served as Breed Warden for 9 years.  During the last 12 years, we have raised four litters of puppies under the "vom James River" kennel name, registered with the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband. 

Now we are expanding into other areas of involvement with our dogs, and bringing our experience in training, evaluating, and breeding high quality German Shorthairs to a wider audience.

With our experience in training dogs for the public, our years of testing our dogs and those of others in the German testing system, and our unending interest in canine genetics, we are keenly aware how rare a truly special dog is to find.  It is only from the dogs that we feel are special that we will produce puppies.
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