Leeward Kennels
Purveyors of fine German Shorthaired Pointers
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Breeding Goals

Intelligence.  Temperament.  Class.  Style.  Trainability.  Stamina.  Conformation.  Health.

Those are the pillars of Leeward Kennels German Shorthaired Pointers, and not one of them makes a complete dog.  It takes all of those traits to make a top quality German Shorthair, and that is what we are constantly evaluating in our dogs.  We don't breed very often, because it is only from the dogs that have all of those qualities that we would make a breeding. 

We strive to make breedings that will improve the breed, according to our own high standards.  Drive and style in the field, perseverance in the water, a natural love of retrieving, and a temperament suited to life in the house.  We want it all and won't settle for less.  While no dog is perfect, we believe in continuous improvement, and choose to pursue that through limited, carefully planned breedings from dogs of the highest quality.

Because we expect so much from our dogs, you can expect a lot from a Leeward GSP puppy.  Our puppies are guaranteed to hunt, have good temperaments, and be free from hip displaysia.

Cole vom James River at 10 months of age.  Here's an example of what we have produced:  When Cole established this point, I walked out of the field, into the house, got my camera, and returned to take this photo.  At 10 months old, Cole held this point for a good five minutes, let me take several pictures, and then stood steady to wing and shot.  This photo is truly worth a thousand words.

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