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Holly vom Wasserschling
Sire: Zeros KS Silesia
Dam: Eila vom Wasserschling
24", 60 lb
Born: 04.10.2010
Hips:  HD-Free (A2) Germany
OFA:  Good
Test Results:  Derby 1 (4h Search), V1, HD-0

Holly is an exceptional female that we were lucky enough to import from the famed "vom Wasserschling" kennel in Germany.  She shows the results of a lifetime of careful breeding, and goes back to the iconic Axel vom Wasserschling in an unbroken mother line on her dam's side.

Since the day I picked her up at the airport at 12 weeks of age, I knew she was the special female we needed.  And she has proven that point to me every day since.  Loaded with ability, trainability, cooperation, and desire, she was an absolute joy to train.  At times it seemed she would anticipate what the next logical step in the training would be, and take it upon herself to take that next correct step.  Holly is also imbued with incredible stamina and a beautiful running gait.  One of my best hunting memories is of her as a 1 year old dog, hunting the National Grasslands in South Dakota.  She ate up the prairie but was always working with me, even at a great distance.

She is excellent in the field and was steady to wing and shot by 8 months of age.  She is a natural backer and excellent retriever, and is as strong a retriever in the water as she is on land.  She is also a motivated blood tracking dog.

Holly's conformation is flawless as evidenced by her "V" conformation rating in the DKV system.  Powerful yet elegant, she exudes strength and speed while having a typically feminine look.

She has an outstanding temperament and has always given me her full attention, whether
training, hunting, or just spending time together.
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