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Foundation Dogs

Our first special dog was Bjorn vom Jaeger-Meister.  He embodied all of the traits we desire in our dogs, and showed us the difference between a pretty good dog and a very good dog.  Bjorn was the product of a breeding between Meiko vom Poettsiepen and Otta vom Poettsiepen, two half siblings out of the important brood bitch, Ilka KS vom Poettsiepen.
Bjorn was bred to be a stud dog, and he was certainly a prepotent sire, stamping himself on all of his offspring, regardless of the female to which he was bred.  He is the sire of our "C" litter vom James River, and his influence is felt here daily through his greatest son, Cole vom James River.  He also made a lasting mark in NAVHDA, through the four breedings he made under that umbrella.  His NAVHDA litters all received or qualified for, Natural Ability Breeders Awards, produced several Utility dogs, and his daughters went on to become producers of Versatile Champions.  Now his grand-get are carrying on his influence in NAVHDA.

His bloodlines are Poettsiepen and Hege-Haus, and include several KS dogs, including Ilka KS vom Poettsiepen, Kristan KS vom Poettsiepen, Yard KS vom Hege-Haus, Mondlicht KS vom Hege-Haus, Blanc KS vom Hege-Haus, Diana KS vom Poettsiepen, and
Unda KS vom Hege-Haus.

Our second foundation animal is Vita vom Wittekind.  We imported Vita as a puppy from the renowned vom Wittekind kennel in Germany.  Wittekind dogs are known for their high levels of natural ability and are prized by German hunters.  Vita is by Quent vom Wittekind, who later produced Rocky KS von Neaurenberg, the leading sire in Germany for a number of years.  Vita has a tremendous amount of drive in the field, excellent conformation, and is the most natural blood tracking dog we have ever had.  When bred to Bjorn vom Jaeger-Meister, she produced our "C" litter vom James River.  
Vita passed away in February of 2014, just short of her 11th birthday. She had a full and fulfilling life, for which we are grateful.

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