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Stud Dogs

Cole vom James River 
Sire: Bjorn vom Jaeger-Meister
Dam: Vita vom Wittekind
25.5", 72 lb
Born: 02.06.2006
Hips:  HD-Free A1 (Germany)
OFA: Excellent
Testing Results:  Derby 1, AZP 1, HN, HD-0 (A1), V1

Cole was my pick from our "C" litter vom James River, a litter which was of exceptional quality throughout.  Seven of the eight pups from that litter were tested in NADKC Derby tests, and all seven received Prize 1 scores.  Four of those dogs continued their testing careers and became certified for breeding per DKV regulations.  Those dogs all had hip ratings of either A1 or A2, equating to OFA Excellent.  Cole is the best of an outstanding litter, and a quality son of the prepotent Bjorn vom Jaeger-Meister, which makes him a prime breeding dog from a genetic standpoint.

Cole is a tremendously talented, cooperative, and trainable dog.  He was steady to wing and shot at the age of 7 months.  He completed his retrieving training in 2 weeks, instead of the average 4-6 weeks.  He has style and substance.  He has been hunted on Ruffed Grouse, Pheasant, Quail, and Waterfowl, and performs admirably every time out.  He has the intelligence to adjust his range to the cover conditions, he points with tremendous style and intensity, and is absolutely honest about it.

Cole has a conformation rating of "V", meaning "Excellent" in the DKV.  His hips were rated A1 by the DKV in 2008.  Since we decided to make him available to AKC breeders, we had new xrays taken in November 2012 for OFA Evaluation.  The evaluation came back as "Excellent".

Most importantly, Cole's temperament is the absolute best.  As driven as he is in the field and water, he is equally calm and quiet in the house.  He has an "Off-Switch", which is sometimes lacking in a high drive dog.

Cole will make his mark on Leeward Kennels, and is available for stud service to approved bitches, by Private Treaty.  Cole is a certified DKV Stud dog, and is also registered with the AKC and the FDSB.

Bjorn vom Jaeger-Meister
Sire: Meiko vom Poettsiepen
Dam: Otta vom Poettsiepen
25", 65lb (Deceased)
Born: 12.14.1998
Hips:  HD-Free (Germany)
OFA: Good
Test Results:  Derby 1, AZP 1, VGP 2, BTR, HN, V1, HD-0, 2001 Albrecht Keil Award Winner (Top Scoring NADKC VGP Dog)

Bjorn, or as we called him, Bailey, was a tremendously talented dog with a wonderful personality.  He is the sire of our A, B, and C litters vom James River, and an impactful sire in the NAVHDA system despite limited breedings, where his influence continues through his get and grand-get.  He stamped himself on all of his offspring, producing talented and trainable dogs with an "off-switch" that makes them excellent house dogs, as well.  He also passed on his beautiful conformation, and his off-spring are easily recognizable.

In training, Bailey always had a "can-do" attitude, game to try anything and usually succeeding immediately.  He distinguished himself in his testing career, and as a hunting dog, he performed consistently well on Grouse, Quail, and Waterfowl.  He was steady to wing, shot, and fall on wild birds, and was an excellent waterfowl dog, never losing a cripple even in the toughest conditions.

Frozen semen available on a very limited basis, by Private Treaty.  Bailey is registered with the DKV and AKC, and can sire litters under the DKV, AKC, and NAVHDA registries.  Contact us if you are interested in frozen semen from Bailey.

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