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Training and Development

Early development is one of the most important aspects we look for in a Leeward GSP.  All of the dogs we have used, or will use, for breeding develop early with low stress, positive training.  It is not uncommon for us to have puppies steady to wing and shot by 9-10 months of age, often sooner.
This is accomplished by early exposure to fields and birds, and letting the puppy show us when it is ready to be trained.  At this stage, the puppy can do no wrong.  Call it "Trial and Success".

Your Leeward puppy will be genetically wired to hunt, point, and retrieve, but you cannot push a puppy.  If you simply give the pup opportunities to search, use its nose, and find game, you will be surprised at how quickly the puppy will start to actively hunt and establish solid points.  Early retrieving games are fun as long as you don't let bad habits, such as mouthiness or possessiveness, result from the play retrieving.  You should also introduce your puppy to water when the weather is warm.  Do not force the puppy into the water, but let him explore and build confidence on his own time.  Several short sessions are infinitely more effective than one long session, and that goes for every aspect of the pup's early development.

We are always ready to help you in any way possible, to bring out all of the qualities that were bred into your puppy.  Kirk is a full-time professional trainer.  For more information on his training programs, please visit

Training packages are available at a discount when purchased with your puppy.  Please contact us to discuss the details!

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